Dell to acquire EMC!

dell and emc

Dell have announced a definative agreement to acquire EMC in what is promising to be the biggest technology acquisition ever! The deal is said to be worth approximately $67 billion dollars and will create a technology super giant promising to deliver full end to end solutions. 

The deal whilst massive in size and interesting working for a Dell partner raises a lot of questions as to how the deal will work, Dell have been strategically working with Nutanix for some time now and of course have their own very successful storage stack, so what does this all mean with now EMC and ultimately becoming part of the Dell family. 

We are going to be watching intently to see how this plays out, we know Dell is very good at acquistions as we have seen with EqualLogic, Compellent, Force10 and more but I deal of this size with lots of competing technologies is going to change the IT landscape for ever more.

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