Dell OS Emulator

Most people are used to using a certain vendors CLI and sometimes having a loan switch for a week or two just isn’t enough time to get a feel for the OS and put its paces.

Dell have realised this and come up with a simple answer for the Force10 series……VIRTUALISE IT! That’s right you can now download the Force10 OS as an ISO and in conjunction with Virtual Box (which is what Dell recommend, sorry VMware lovers I was as disappointed as you) this allows you to have a fully functioning Force10 OS to play with.

Here you can see a small snippet of configuration using the same commands you would use on the physical hardware, in this case a VLAN has been created with VRRP for redundancy but that’s for another blog post so make sure you come back soon for that one.

The OS can be downloaded from the link below once you have registered:

Look for “FTOS for S-Series OS-Emulator” currently on version 9.8

OR via the Dropbox link below which also includes the setup guide with a configuration example.

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