ComputerWorld's biggest event yet!

ComputerWorld has been running virtualisation events for many years growing from a handful of attendees to over 200 people in attendance at our first Define Tomorrow™ branded event last week. It was also recognised to be the biggest VMworld update event in Europe. We had insights from ComputerWorld’s own vExpert Barry Coombs, as well as being lucky enough to have Ed Hoppitt CTO Ambassador of VMware and Tim Griffin UK CEO of Dell delivering insightful keynote presentations.

We also saw technology updates from subject matter experts at VMware and lots of technology on show in our solutions exchange. It was great to be able to talk to our customers and discuss the future of IT, and how they define tomorrow for their business.


Right now we are seeing one of the most dynamic shifts ever within the IT Industry. Cloud and mobility are having a massive impact on the way we are delivering technology today and in the future. ComputerWorld recognise that in these times, IT professionals are looking to make strategic decisions for the future and this is why Define Tomorrow™ was born.