An Introduction to PernixData


Written by Ian Wells, Senior Director at PernixData.

PernixData was founded in 2012 by two virtualisation godfathers; Poojan Kumar (CEO and co-founder) and Satyam Vaghani (CTO and co-founder).  Both gentlemen “cut their teeth” on storage and virtualisation prior to launching PernixData during their tenures at VMware; where Poojan led all data products and Satyam was principal engineer and Storage CTO.

They have created a vibrant, dynamic company that is revolutionising the storage industry by enabling you to build perfect storage by optimising performance, management and cost for your individual business needs. This is achieved via two products:

  • FVP software is the premier platform for storage acceleration. It eliminates performance bottlenecks by creating a low latency, fault tolerant I/O acceleration tier using server flash/RAM. The result is fast VMs with scale-out growth.
  • Architect software is the premier platform for storage management. It marries VM and storage intelligence for proactive data centre design, deployment, operations and optimisation. It is completely hardware independent, giving unsurpassed visibility and control in any data centre environment.

With PernixData software, you can design, deploy, operate and optimise storage with virtualised applications in mind.

Revolutionary Product – PernixData first began shipping FVP software in August of 2013. In a short period of time, the product established itself as the premier platform for storage acceleration with unique features like write acceleration, clustering, and installation within the hypervisor. In April 2014, FVP also became the first acceleration solution to run on both flash and RAM, and to support any file, block or direct attached storage. Today, FVP is estimated to be accelerating approximately 300,000 VMs worldwide.

Broad Range of Customers – PernixData has sold FVP software to approximately 600 companies in 20 countries, ranging from three to 300+ node deployments. Customers range from small businesses to large enterprises and global service providers, including well-known names like Tata Steel, Virtustream, Sega, Toyota and more.

The Most Industry Awards – PernixData was distinguished last year with more industry awards (thirteen) than any other enterprise software company. Specific accolades include two Best New Technology awards at VMworld 2013, Forbes Most Promising Company, Gartner 2014 Cool vendor in Storage, and Infoworld Product of the Year. A full list of awards can be viewed here.

World-class Partners – PernixData has signed over 650 resellers worldwide in over 50 countries. In addition, the company has a global resale agreement in place with Dell. On the technology side, the company introduced the PernixDrive program to accelerate the adoption of decoupled software, which has led to various partnerships with leading flash vendors like HGST, Intel, Kingston, Micron, Toshiba, and more.

Community Feedback – we know how important it is to mine experts’ feedback to better enhance our solutions to fit customer needs.  Our PernixPro program includes members that are an elite community of IT professionals committed to advancing FVP storage acceleration technology. By facilitating collaboration between PernixData experts and the industry’s top luminaries, PernixPro breaks down the barriers to widespread adoption of server-side storage, giving companies of all sizes a cost-effective solution for scaling storage performance independent of storage capacity.

What the Industry is saying - “Most IT administrators would love to have a single pane of glass that they can log into every morning to get visibility into their ever changing application and storage environments,” said Mark Peters, Practice Director and Senior Analyst at ESG. “PernixData Architect is ideally suited to actually deliver that functionality; because it sits inside the hypervisor, it can collect an enormous amount of useful application and infrastructure data, and provide invaluable recommendations on how best to design a virtualized data center.” 

Want to get started?

It’s storage Jim, but not as we know it.  As Star Trek fans know, getting to Warp Factor 10 requires a lot of power; FVP and Architect enable this power within your data centre.

To find out for yourself the difference that PernixData FVP could bring to your environment, we have FVP Freedom, a free version of FVP. With FVP Freedom, you can see the performance benefits of server-side storage acceleration simply by downloading the software and carving out a piece of memory from existing servers. Furthermore, there is no longer a need to purchase read caching software inside the SAN, saving customers tens of thousands of dollars per storage array. You can download it here:

You can also trial Architect for 30 days, apply here: