Roaming User Volume Settings with UEM


I had an interesting request from a client recently who wanted to roam user volume settings in their non persistent VMware view VDI environment.


My first thought was that should be easy enough, they are using UEM to manage user settings.  I just needed to find the relevant registry settings and add it to the configuration.  However, after some investigation it turns out that windows sound settings are not stored in one nice easy reg key!  Each application has separate sound settings stored in several places and people had resorted to writing various pieces of code/tools to get around this.

Sound Profiles


One of these solutions is SoundVolumeView by NirSoft, an extremely handy freeware tool that allows you to save sound settings into a profile file.  It also comes with command line functionality, which allows us to automate the process somewhat.



So I created a new config file where the predefined settings put the soundvolumeview executable into the users %appdata% folder. 


This folder location is added to the config file.





A logoff task exports the sound profile to the same area in %appdata%.







A separate task loads the profile file back in at user logon.  







This all happens seamlessly and importantly silently for the user and has the added advantage of persisting sound levels on a per application basis.  So you can turn the sound all the way up to 11!