AppSense Endpoint Security Suite


In March this year LANdesk, well known for their end-point management products, made its seventh acquisition in 5 years and purchased the well-known User Environment Manager (UEM) product vendor AppSense.

The products that AppSense brings with it really compliment to LANDesk’s existing Endpoint Management portfolio of products and are anticipated to really strengthen LANDesk’s expertise in the virtualisation space together with expanding their operational security capabilities to deliver even more comprehensive endpoint management and security solutions than ever before. AppSense’s user virtualisation technology Application Manager enables simplified security and control of virtual, physical and cloud-hosted environments, whilst the Environment Manager product from AppSense improves the overall experience that users receive together with enhancing security and managing the end-points it is used upon.

“Our goal with AppSense has been to provide the best user experience while enhancing the security and manageability of virtual and physical endpoints,” said Scott Arnold, president and CEO of AppSense. “Joining forces with LANDESK makes strategic sense. We are excited to provide our customers and partners with the option for a total endpoint management strategy from a single vendor.”

AppSense was established in 1999 and since then has gained strong customer bases in healthcare, banking and finance, AppSense has a strong pedigree in the VDI environments of their customers where security and compliance are critical.

Defence-in-depth of IT systems is a concept that is increasingly being adopted by businesses as their awareness of threats - and potentially their own vulnerability – grows into a realisation that today’s malware, ransomware in particular, needs to be taken seriously and protected against. It is simply no longer a case of ‘we have a reputable AV solution – we’re pretty much safe’; a number of businesses have found out to their own not-insignificant cost that they are not safe and that having decent perimeter security and a reputable AV solution deployed is no longer a guarantee against todays malware.

To this end the End-point Security Suite (ESS) from AppSense includes three separate products aimed at providing full protection from and management of the threats are out there today:

·         AppSense Application Manager

·         Shavlik Protect & Empower

·         AppSense Insight

Each of the products will be covered in more detail in subsequent dedicated blog posts but with the ESS AppSense is aiming to provide its customers with complete peace of mind that only the executables they want their users to run are being run, that all of their software – Microsoft and 3rd Party products are being kept up to date and as secure as they can be.

Couple ESS with a superior AV product such as Gravity Zone from BitDefender and you can breathe a sigh of relief that you are pretty much covered when it comes to Ransomware and even if some gets through the AV then AppSense will prevent the malicious payload from running let alone taking any action.