Blank Error Message on Horizon View Administrator Console following upgrade to Horizon v7.x

Following an upgrade from Horizon View v6 to v7 the administrator console was no longer accessible from my laptop but when logged into the Connection Server the URL https://localhost/admin worked fine.

The behaviour is caused by a new security feature in Horizon that if the URL of the View Administration page does not match that of the Secure Tunnel URL or is https://localhost/admin.

Since a lot of the time I use different URL’s to the Secure Tunnel URL for different things this has proved to be quite a nuisance so I have disabled this new behaviour of View by altering the SSL gateway file:

1.     On each Connection Server create a text file called in C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware View\Server\sslgateway\conf

2.     Open the file in a plain text editor.

3.     Add this line:


4.     Save and close the text file.

5.     Restart the View Connection Server service.

Now when connecting to the View Administrator the correct login prompt should be displayed.