ComputerWorld Wireless Audit / HealthChecks

A wireless audit health check used to just mean checking for signal coverage. This definition used to be perfectly correct until we started to see a large increase in wireless devices connecting to the wireless network. 

However, not only do present-day wireless networks need to provide the coverage that was sought when early site surveys were performed, but they often also need to provide higher throughput for denser deployments of stations.

To achieve these goals, the site survey/audit must encompass so much more than just determining coverage, including looking for potential sources for interference as well as the proper placement, installation and configuration of 802.11 hardware and related components

The wireless site survey/ audit is the most important step in building a reliable wireless network.

Computerworld Wireless Audits and health Checks provide;

• Detection, measuring and recording of Wi-Fi Interference

• Optimum location of Wi-Fi access points with channel selection and reuse

• In-depth report on discovered wireless complications such as, reflection, refraction, multipath, hidden nodes and dead spots

• Coverage guaranteed network design

If you would like to learn more about the wireless site survey health check then please contact the computerworld team.