BizTech Brief #2

Week Commencing 18th July 2016.

Below is the second issue of the series, summarising the biggest news articles of the past week. 

VMware's NSX and VSAN sales surge in Q2

This week VMware's CEO Pat Gelsinger stated that VMware's software-defined data center technologies, particularly NSX software-defined Networking and VSAN software-defined storage are the best performing technologies within the company. 

NSX is VMware's fastest growing technology and should continue to grow as sales more than doubled in Q2 of 2016 with more that 1,700 customers now using the technology. This growth proves that VMware NSX is a trusted and proven product that is out performing competitors and improving the environment of customers. 

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Tech industry welcomes Microsoft victory in data access case

Microsoft have been involved in a long battle with the US Government to provide the Government with their customer data in order to comply with the data access request.

This week Microsoft celebrated their success of winning the case on the ground that their customer data is confidential and belongs to the customer. Brad Smith, president and chief legal officer at Microsoft stated "the ruling makes clear that the US government can no longer seek to use its search warrannts to reach into other countries and obtain emails of people of other nationality". 

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The UK falls behind most European countries in safe data storage rankings

The UK has been ranked as 23rd safest nations for data storage in a report based on independent data ranks. This statistic puts the UK behind the majority of other European countries, including Estonia, Austria and Denmark. The report takes into consideration the quality of digital infrastructure and policy stability. 

With the rise in cyber-attacks in recent years, businesses need to ensure that not only is their environment protected against cyber threats but that their users are educated and aware of how to protect the business. For the UK to be ranked 23rd in regards to cyber safety, it shows that businesses are not educated their users and ensuring their data is protected. 

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ComputerWorld's top tips to protect your business against cyber threats

In the past threats from cyber-attacks have focused around viruses that may cause inconvenience to your systems and large scale data breaches.  Now attacks are much more focused and intelligent, targeting your data and your money. Cyber-attacks are now one of the top three biggest threats to your business. 

Microsoft report that on average it takes 200 days to detect a security breach and a further 80 days to contain it. 

ComputerWorld have written some tips on how you can easily protect your business against cyber-attacks and ensure that your data is safe against the threats that it faces today. 

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Microsoft delays Azure update so you can catch up

One of the benefits of being in the cloud is that service providers can make an update without it being disruptive to you. However Microsoft have put their Azure Active Directory update on hold because the users aren't ready for it. The reasoning to do this is so that the users have time to prepare for the update in order to avoid downtime. 

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