BizTech Brief #3

Week Commencing 25th July 2016. 

Below is the third issue of the BizTech Brief series, summarising the biggest news articles of the past week in Tech. 

Microsoft adds useful feature to PowerPoint.

Microsoft have added a useful to feature to the slide presentation software, PowerPoint. Dennis Austin, PowerPoints origival developer states "It was to provide a means for structuring, writing and reviewing a presentation as a whole".

The new feature in PowerPoint give the presenter the ability to Zoom and present slides on the fly from an overview rather than scrolling through a linear list. 

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UK education system failing to support cyber security profession. 

Last week a report revealed that the UK was ranked the 23rd safest country in regards to cyber security within Europe, putting the country behind the majority of it's peers.   

This week a report revealed that the UK's education system is supporting the cyber security profession with only 14% of UK IT decision-makers believing the nations education systems fully prepares professionals for the cyber security industry. 

Users are now a bigger risk to the business than software is and this weak link could be the cause to many attacks on businesses throughout the UK. Businesses need to bridge the skills gap and educated their users to be aware of what threats face them. 

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ComputerWorld Cyber Security White Paper

We are seeing an increasing risk of cyber-attacks to businesses of all sizes, across the globe, with attacks being far more focused and intelligent than ever before. The attacks are targeting both your data and your money.

It is important to know what threats your business and data face and ultimately how to protect your business against these. 

Download our White Paper to see our top tips on how to protect your business against these threats and attacks.

Azure Security center, now generally available, proven to improve security. 

Microsoft have integrated a new approach to fight cyber crime. This approach leverages Microsoft's unique perspective  on threat intelligence and incorporates security into the platform and solutions from Microsoft Partners. Microsoft have invested over $1 billion into research and development of this approach and also introduced some new features, including; Log integration, email notifications, Rest APIs and more. 

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Ruckus is Soaring in the Wi-Fi landscape

Ruckus Wireless is recognised as a leader in the IDC Marketscape: Worldwide Enterprise WLAN 2015-2016 Vendor Assessment. Ruckus is the only pure-play wireless vendor in the leaders category. Ruckus Wireless are one of our leading wireless partners at ComputerWorld. 

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  • Learn why Ruckus is cited for "Best in class RF innovation"
  • Get an in-depth perspctive of the Wi-Fi vendor playing field


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