BizTech Brief #5

Week commencing 8th August 2016. 

Now we are in the middle of the summer and people are jetting off on holiday it seems that the news front has gone a little quiet. However, this hasn't stopped us summarising the biggest news of the week within tech into our fifth BizTech Brief. 

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What Pat Gelsinger should announce at VMworld 2016

With VMworld just around the corner at the end of the month, there is lots of discussion about what people are looking forward to and what they are expecting to hear. One big topic is what people are expecting Pat Gelsinger, VMware CEO will announce at the annual event. 

VMware has become the leader in their industry is simply because it is significantly easier to use than competitors. Although this has helped VMware get to the position they're at today, competitors are following suit and making their products easier to use.

In theory, if VMware wants to remain the industry leader the big announcement at VMworld 2016 should be focused on a company-wide simplification process through harmonising release cycles of software and integrations of products. However, this is a huge goal that VMware are unlikely to be able to achieve this year and therefore unlikely to be the big reveal at VMworld 2016. 

Some industry experts have made predictions of what they think will be announced at VMworld 2016. Ruben Spruijt, Atlantis Computing CTO thinks the focus will be on End-user computing and analytics whilst Brien Posey, journalist thinks the announcement will be around simplifying lineups, software defined data. 

To read the full article and what people are predicting for VMworld 2016, click here. 


Nimble shows that its all-flashes start small - and grow bigger

Earlier this year Nimble Storage announced their series of hybrid Adaptive Flash Arrays. For more information on the All-Flash Array's, click here. The series has now expanded the series by adding a cheaper AF 1000 entry level system. 

Nimble have stated that the new All-flash array delivers up to twice the performance of the previous generations with a 40% lower capacity cost. Click here to see the increased IOPS from the Nimble All Flash Array. Nimble suggest that the Adaptive Flash Array products can be used as backup, archive and DR targets for its all-flash arrays.

For more information on the benefits of the new release and for the full article, click here. 

Meet the new members of the NVIDIA GRID community advisor programme

NVIDIA have created a programme that brings together the talents of individuals who have invested significant time and resource into NVIDIA products and solutions. This programme has welcomed 20 community experts from seven countries that represent NVIDIA well. 

We are pleased to announce that our Operations Director, Barry Coombs has been selected as one of the NVIDIA community advisors. Barry was invited to San Francisco in March this year to attend their end user computing community event introducing the community programme and to take a deep dive into the technology of NVIDIA. Take a look at what Barry thought about the GRID days in the US: NVIDIA GRID Day Blog. 

Congratulations to all others chosen to be advisors. 

To see the full list of chosen advisors and the full article, click here. 

Security pros split on government access to cloud data, survey shows.

A group of people have been asked whether cloud suppliers should co-operate with governments and provide access to encrypted data. The survey has revealed that despite the rapid adoption of cloud services, there are compliance and security concerns revolving around inappropriate use or access to sensitive cloud data. More than a third of people asked said cloud providers should turn over encrypted data to governments when asked. However, the majority (55%) of respondents opposed to this government co-operation. Overall 10% of respondents said that they were not concerned. 

Despite the progress and adoption of cloud services, there are security and compliance issues that need to be addressed. The survey revealed that although there have been many security breaches within the cloud, these issues are not as widespread as first expected. Most cloud-related security breaches stem from inappropriate use led by unwanted external sharing and access from unmanaged devices. The survey also revealed that few organisations asked have taken action to mitigate the risk of Shadow IT to their organisation. 

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