BizTech Brief #6

Week Commencing 15th August 2016

With the season of many industry events quickly approaching it seems the industry players are keeping their cards close to their chests and not revealing anything until the time is right at their industry event. However, we have once again collated all the biggest news from the industry into one place. 

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BizTech Brief Articles.

Police issue cybercrime warning after Bath shopping centre hit by online ransom demand 

Last week Bath shopping centre was targetted for an online random demand. The unnamed shopping centre received an unsolicited email that within a few minutes of being opened by a member of staff opened a virus that effectively locked digital files stored on the retail centre's computer network by encrypting them. Once the virus encrypted the network files, a screen is presented demanding payments in bitcons (instructions on how to buy bitcons will also be displayed on screen).

Cyber Attacks through ransomware are now increasingly easier to pick up and businesses are advised to take action to mitigate the risk to their business through installing anti-virus software on their network and educating users on how to detect a cyber attack. 

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Cisco joins Microsoft and flings out Skype-friendly collab app

Cisco have partially put aside their rivalry with Microsoft and launched a new collaboration product that is compatible with Microsoft's Skype application. The meeting server allows customers to connect from Cisco video rooms with others that are using Microsoft's video conferencing application Skype. 

The company have stated that this advancement is a 'huge leap forward and we want to make connecting with others painless so you can get on with the task at hand and get great work done'. Cisco customers have found it difficult to connect recently, causing issues with work they are completing. This is something Cisco recognised as an issue and solved before it became detrimental to their customers. 

Although this is a major step forward for Cisco, the news was announced the same week that Cisco are axing 5,500 staff to push ahead as a primarily software outfit organisations.

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Robot Wars: Team Storm uses modern IT to breathe new life into legacy machines

Robot Wars' Team Storm is applying the principles of DevOps, IoT and real time data analytics in advancing the design of it's machine. Ex-Robot Wars champions Team Storm were approached by BBC2 producers earlier this year who enquired whether they would like to appear in the new series with their robot, Storm 2 to compete against the creations of the new generations of competitors.

Ed Hoppitt, Member of Team Storm, stated that 'Although the Storm2 doesnt look old, it is very differenct to the robot that fought in the series seven show. For us it was about taking the original design as far as we can and we are pretty much there'.  

Most of the robots that enter the competition are built by engineers so there are obvious transferrable skills between day job and hobby. Ed Hoppitt works at VMware as CEO focusing on cloud native applications and DevOps team. Ed and team have used the skills from their jobs into the building of their robot, Storm2. This has allowed the team to take a DevOps and agile-like approach to improving the robots design.

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Cyber attack recovery 300% dearer due to skills shortage

Large businesses that struggle to attract skilled It security experts are paying up to three times more to recover from a cyber Security incident, a report revealed. The gap between the need and availability of security skills continues to grow and organisations are being forced to call in outside help to supplement in-house skills. 

For a third of businesses, the improvement of security expertise is one of the top three drivers for an additional investment in IT. However the demand is not easy to meet due to lack of available specialist requirements and support from the government on the career. 

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