VMworld US 2016 Keynote Day 2

Today saw the second keynote session at the annual VMworld event. Sanjay Poonen, VMware General Manager of EUC took the stage to introduce the VMware vision of Any Cloud, Any Application, Any Device. We heard about how VMware Workspace One was able to bridge the gap between the employees needs of choice and simplicity whilst allowing IT to maintain control and security. 

Moving on from EUC we heard from Kit Colbert VMware's cloud native apps CTO about the enhancements to vSphere Integrated Containers, allowing developers to interact with their applications in the way they are used to through the Open Stack Management Tools, whilst still allowing IT to use the tools they know and love to manage, maintain and secure the applications. 

Finally we moved onto the Software Defined Data Center, we learnt that VMware were planning on covering vSphere at VMworld in Barcelona in October, but we dug deep into NSX and VSAN. NSX is one of VMware's quickest growing products growing by 400% over the last 18months, but the growth of VSAN was also highlighted. VSAN is now enteprise ready and going mainstream with over 5000 unique users and growing by an additional 100 users per week. Of these users over 60% were running production workloads on their VSAN deployments. VMware's VSAN vision is one very much of hybrid allowing you to utilise their technology whether on premises or in the cloud with partner datacentres including their partnership with IBM. 

It was explained that VMware Cloud Foundation is much more than a bundle of products but is a unified and integrated solution set allowing you to manage deploy, configure and maintain your workloads irrespective of datacentre location, whether it be in your datacentre or in the public cloud. 

See below Barry Coombs' doodle overview of the keynote presentation.

See below some of my snapshots of the key messages and statistics from the keynote.