Cisco CMD line Vs Dell CMD line

The fears of changing Network Infrastructure Vendor  

All of your network engineers have taken the Cisco training route and all feel comfortable with the ios cmd line, and that’s a good thing the cisco training is fantastic. Plus, network engineers do not want to use the GUI as that is not what network engineers do. However, with the cisco known cmd line comes a huge amount of cost, but none the less the IT managers use a huge amount of the budget to go for the Cisco option.  They want to keep the engineers that feel comfortable with the CMD line and they can just carry on as normal.

So the options you have when upgrading your switching and covering the cmd line issue (how you are going to work the switch) is either stay with Cisco, or have your engineers go through training to feel comfortable with the likes of Juniper, HP, Extreme or you have to find a new engineer that have a whole new way of thinking and go for Open networking and have to learn a whole new CMD line. (That is a bit extreme and we will cover Software Defined Networking in an upcoming blog)

However, for a large number of people the switching software will be staying vendor standard and they will want to feel confident in the cmd line and not have to waste time on training team members on new switching.

The Dell networking team covered the scared to leave cisco issue really quite well by making their N-Series Switches (Campus Switching) which run OS6 and OS9 have a very similar syntax for their cmd line.

For a list of all the cmd’s available on the Cisco IOS and the Dell OS6 and Dell OS9, Click the button below.

These have then been compared to show that they are pretty much the same in all cases. This should be a handy document for any readers that have Dell switching and are use to the Cisco cmd line. It will also help those readers that like the Dell offering due to the advanced technology and cost saving but felt a little bit concerned about using a new cmd line.

If you would like to learn more about Dell switching, then please contact Computerworld and we will be happy to help where we can. (Note. Ths is a great document to have for your engineers as a back up)