How to deploy the Ruckus Virtual SmartZone on VMware ESXi

The Ruckus Wireless Virtual Smart Zone is one of the industry’s leading virtual wireless controller. Recently we had a number of request asking for some content on how to deploy the VSZ on VMware. There is some good documentation available to all Ruckus customers when using their support to access the knowledge base at

The aim of this blog is to show users how to go through the setup process of installing the Ruckus Virtual Smart Zone into your VMware environment.

I have created a short video which cover the process of configuring the Vmware environment so we can deploy the virtual smart zone. In the short video, we go over the process from downloading the template from the ruckus support site.

The video covers:

  • Downloading OVA File
  • Deploying OVF template on Vsphere
  • Configuring the VM
  • Starting VM

For more information on Ruckus Wireless, take a look at more videos from our playlist. The playlist includes: 

  • An Introduction to Ruckus Wireless Controllers
  • How to configure Ruckus VSZ console/Setup Wizard

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