BizTech Brief #23

Week Commencing 30th January 2017

This week we welcomed in the second month of the year and with that came some new IT news, events and an acquisition. This BizTech Brief article summarises some of the biggest news within the Tech Industry over the past week.

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LANDESK and HEAT software merge to form Ivanti

Last week two large organisations, LANDESK and HEAT software announced their merge into a new organisations called Ivanti. 

With more than 1,600 employees in 23 countries and serving over 22,000 broadly diversified customers across all industries, Ivanti provides integrated solutions that help IT organizations balance rapidly-evolving user requirements with the need to secure critical assets and data. 

The combination enhances Ivanti’s unified endpoint management (UEM) solutions, increases its strength in the endpoint security market, and provides a rapidly growing SaaS service management platform. With its expanded scale, breadth and resources, Ivanti is well-positioned to serve IT organizations with solutions to manage and secure end user environments. Ivanti’s platform is ideal for the modern IT organization, which increasingly assumes a greater role in security.

The 20 coolest Cloud Infrastructure Vendors of 2017

The cloud infrastructure services industry saw another exciting and volatile year in 2016, with a few more mega-providers withdrawing their wares amid brutal competition and share consolidating among a handful of hyper-scale players. 

Last week CRN published a list of the top 20 Cloud Infrastructure Vendors within 2017. Some of these were obvious with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft and Google being amoungst the 20, however it was also great to see smaller vendors such as ComputerWorld partner iland named one of the top players too. 

Protect your business against CyberCrime

This year ComputerWorld has decided to take the Define Tomorrow events on tour around the South of the UK.These events are technology focused and aim to help attendees understand how the technologies at the event can help their business. 

The first on tour event was based in Bristol, and focused on the threat of Cyber Crime that, even if unaware, every business faces today. The event saw ComputerWorld Director Barry Coombs scare the audience about the threats that could potentially harm their business and the damage that an attack would cause. We then saw BitDefender, Trustwave and Barracuda introduce the methods and technologies that can protect you business from Cyber Attacks. 

ComputerWorld have more Define Tomorrow on Tour events booked in for later this year around all the technologies that are a top concern for your business within 2017 from Workspace Transformation to DRaaS. If you would like to attend any of these upcoming events, visit

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Security of industrial systems must be a top priority

The idea that hackers could switch off a country’s electricity, water, oil and gas supplies is a nightmare scenario – but it could happen

Many senior managers in utilities, transportation, healthcare and manufacturing are unaware of the security risks in industrial systems, according to the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (Enisa).

Some devices lack encryption protocols, and there is also a lack of adequate logging, which makes it harder to identify the root cause of security breaches, said Enisa.

Enisa also highlighted a failing in the way such systems are updated or patched. Update processes are usually carried out by using standard computers/laptops, or even USB devices, which act as a potential entry point. This complicates the forensic investigation, Enisa warned