The worlds smallest thin client review - The IGEL UD Pocket

The guys at IGEL were nice enough to send me an IGEL UD Pocket recently for me to evaluate, the UD pocket is a bootable USB thin client that can be used to turn any X86 hardware into a thin client. I have been using the UD Pocket for the last month and have recorded a video with my thoughts and experiences of the device. 

If you are considering options for a VDI Pilot or PoC where you wish to re-use the users PC's as thin clients or if you are looking for a solution to allow users or contractors to use their own PC's to connect into your VDI environenment in a controlled manner I recommend you take a look at the video to understand a little bit more how the UD Pocket could work for you. 

I am planning on recording some more videos on the coming week covering the management tools and configuration options for this device.