VMworld US 2017 Keynote Day 1

Yesterday we saw the start of VMware's annual conference, VMworld US. We saw VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger take to the stage to deliver the presentation about the industry and VMware's vision and focus for the future. 

There were 3 key areas that the keynote focused on, Cloud, Mobile and Security as these were the top 3 areas that when asked CIO's were prioritising most. Therefore all the announcements from Pat came under 1 of these area's. 


Pat started the keynote by summarising VMware's vision of any device, any application on any cloud. He discussed the Workspace ONE technology and how this makes this vision consumer simple but enterprise secure. Pat mentioned that the most profound change in tech is now the user's expectations and in order to meet these expectations, the experience across devices should be seamless and consistent.  

The first announcement from Pat was of VMware 'broadening the worlds broadest eco-system even more with HP Inc. Dion Wiesler, HPI CEO virtually took to the stage to discuss the extension of the partnership with VMware Workspace ONE available on HP's Device as a Service platform. This will allow customers to use real time actionable insights and world class security monitoring. Read more about the announcement here. 

The next announcement was about VMware's new support technology, VMware Skyline.  This technology automatically collects and analyses useage data to help VMware proactivly resolve potential problems. This technology is currently available on vSphere and NSX with more technology to be added over time. 

Watch the video below to learn more about VMware Skyline. 


At last year's VMworld conference, it was announced that VMware and AWS were collaborating. This year VMware delivered on that partnership. Yesterday Pat was joined on stage by Andy Jassy, AWS CEO to announce that VMware is now available of AWS, 'giving enterprises the best of both worlds'. 

This partnership allows customers to run applications across VMware vSphere®-based private, public, and hybrid cloud environments, with optimised access to AWS services. For more information on the partnership, read VMware's news release.  

12 v2.png

One clear focus for VMware is now Security and their Security product, NSX is now at the heart of everything that VMware does and that if you're not already using NSX, you're behind!



On stage yesterday, Pat announced it's solution for securing applications running on virtualised or cloud environments, VMware AppDefense. The new solution leverages the virtual infrastructure to monitor running applications and can detect and automate response to attacks that attempt to manipulate those applications. The technology works in a way that 'Ensures good' rather than 'chasing bad'. To read more about the new releases, click here. 

Pat also announce what VMware believe to be the 5 pillars of cyber hygiene. 

  • Least Privilage 
  • Microsegmentation
  • Encryption
  • Multifactor authenticication 
  • Patching

Barry Coombs, ComputerWorld Director did one of his doodles during the keynote, summarising the biggest announcements in just 1 picture. 


In summary, this keynote was full of lots of information, a little tongue and cheek and of course some great announcements. I am looking forward to what will be announced in the second keynote later today and this year I am attending VMworld Europe for the first time where I will be vlogging and blogging during the whole conference here at Define Tomorrow and tweeting from @BizTechMeg. 

To watch a recording of the first keynote below: