@Tintri beyond storage interview at #VMworld 2017

At VMworld in Barcelona this year I got to catch-up once again with Tintri this time with Chuck Dubuque VP of Product Marketing. You can check out the previous videos at the links below. 

Tintri Interview VMworld 2016

Tintri Interview VMworld 2015

The world of storage is changing with the movement towards the cloud and the rise of hyperconverged storage. We spoke about how Tintri have transformed to be much more than just a hybrid shared storage vendor. In fact we didn't even talk about speeds and feeds and the lastest piece of tin that has been launched! Try interviewing a storage vendor 5 years ago and these subjects not coming up!

Instead we spoke about the need for flexibility in the cloud, how there is no longer a one sized fits all solution for storage or compute. How the cloud has its place but the need to be able to make an informed decision based upon fact when moving too the cloud or indeed back on premises, in the case of some workloads. 

Tintri supports the ability to replicate your data to AWS or IBM Object based storage with their Cloud Data Collector allowing you per VM to replicate workloads to the cloud for protection.

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Being able to decide which workloads belong in the cloud or indeed, do you have enough capacity for another workload on premises can be difficult without the correct tool-set. Chuck discussed how Tintri believe that their Software Defined Approach allows them to differentiate and introduce new features that add real value to the end user including predictive analytics and what if scenario builders. 

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Chuck and I discussed a number of other subjects such as the conference itself and how they see themselves vs hyper-converged infrastructure. But watch the video for the full interview to learn more!