[VIDEO] Office 365 Backup with Veeam


Recently Barry Coombs, ComputerWorld Director and George Kenny of Veeam discussed the importance of backing up your data within Office 365 and how Veeam can help with this. 

With the industry moving to the cloud, many businesses are beginning to take the first leap through implementing Office 365. Although this is a great first step, some people don't realise that when your data is in the cloud within Office 365, it is not automatically backed up. 

Whether in Office 365 or on premise, the data within your mailbox is yours and therefore is ultimately still your responsibility to protect it. 

By default, Office 365 retains the data within your mailbox for 30 days up to 50GB, however after these 30 days, the data is gone for good. Therefore Veeam's product 'Backup for Office 365' allows you to connect to exchange online to backup any data, whether it is just one mailbox or the whole company data, into either a dedicated private data centre or  Veeam. 

Veeam currently only offer backup exchange online within Office 365 but are working towards other products within the Microsoft suite, such as SharePoint and OneDrive.

Watch the video below to hear more about how Veeam's backup for Office 365 can help you ensure your data within Office 365 is safe and why keeping it safe is so important. 

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