VMworld US 2017 Doodles

Those that follow me on Twitter @VirtualisedReal  will know I like to document my thoughts and learnings in the form of a "doodle'. I started doing this many years ago for my own personal benefit to ensure I had an easy to remember resource following conferences and training. After deciding to start sharing this on social media I have been pleased to see that others also appreciate them. I have used many different apps and devices to create them over the years but I now use an iPad Pro, Apple Pencil and NotePad+ to create them. Although due to being slack and forgetting my iPad the day 1 keynote below was created on my Samsung Galaxy Note Pro with the sNote application. 

Anyway you can see my notes from the 2 general sessions that took place at VMworld in the US, unfortunately I wasn't in attendance but did watch the live stream. I would love to hear your thoughts from the conference in the comments. 

Im looking forward to heading over to Barcelona for VMworld, see you there!