Megan's Day Three VLOG at VMWorld

Today was my third and final day tat VMworld! I cannot believe how quick this week has gone and how much I have had! 


Today was kicked off with another general session. Today's session was hosted by VMware COO, Sanjay Poonen, (after he finished playing the keyboard with the band) and Sanjay was talking about how VMware are constantly adapting for their customers. VMware customers now need VMware to be agile and fast to allow them to be innovative and productive.

Whilst it was great to hear from VMware customers about how VMware are helping them be more productive, innovative and agile, my highlight was the presentation from Martha Lane Fox, the founder of about how she is using her position and career to change the face of technology And focused on how technology can impact the most amount of people in the most positive way possible.  

I was astonished to hear that only 12% of the UK stated that they felt the internet was having a positive impact on society and that in order to change this, we all need to use the 3 C's of technology, Content, Contribution and Continuity. I truly believe that this needs to change and with individuals like Martha, this change can and will happen. 

I then attended the VMUG leader lunch where it was great to hear from Joe Baguley and Pat Gelsinger what the community means to them and VMware and how as a community we are helping shape the future and success of VMware. 

In the afternoon, I attended a session all around building your brand and career to achieve happiness with Joe Baguley and Amanda Blevins. It was a very thought provoking session getting you to ask yourself questions around your personal brand, how you want people to view you, where you want to be in your life and what is important to you in your life to help you get there. 

My week came to an end with the vFest party. There was a great atmosphere, it was great to have The Kooks playing live and it was an absolutely fantastic way to finish a truly incredible week at VMworld. 

Lastly, Iwould like to thank VMUG for making this trip possible for me, I am so grateful that I had this experience and I hope to see everyone at VMworld 2019!


P.S. I once again approached the cheif's within VMware for selfies and today I got one with Sanjay Poonen and Ray O'Farrell!! 

Take a look at my video below for more content about my day!

I also like to summarise key messages live during the day with snapshot images. Take a look at my snapshots from day 3 below!