Barracuda Discover 18 Partner Event

I was fortunate enough recently to attend the EMEA Partner Event for Barracuda in Monte Carlo. Having worked with Barracuda for many years it was great to see and hear how Barracuda have grown into one of the leading Data Protection and Network Security providers in the market place, and are now very prevalent not just in the SME space, but now very much a key player in the Enterprise space as well.

Their recent move to becoming a Private company again has allowed them to achieve their goals faster, including mergers and acquisitions plus allowing the company to focus on strategy and not the public overhead.

Barracuda shared some further interesting statistics including:

  • 40% of respondents indicated that their organizations would spend the highest amount of new or additional funding on the cloud
  • 74% is the percentage of targeted attacks that start with email.

This is backed up by Barracuda’s strategy of investment into Data Protection and Network Security for a Cloud Ready Generation has clearly propelled them into the Enterprise market place along with the SME market place where they made their name. With a comprehensive portfolio of solutions in the Network Security and Data Protection area, there really is no reason why organizations, of any size, would need to look outside of Barracuda.  Certainly, the below solutions alone are now market leaders and are worth reviewing as part of your data protection and security requirements.

Barracuda Essentials:                                 Security, Compliance, Backup and Continuity for                                                                            Email

Barracuda Cloud Gen Firewalls:                Cloud Ready Firewalls with SD-WAN functionality

Barracuda Backup:                                     New Encrypted Backup Appliances and additional                                                                          platforms and cloud replication

Barracuda WAF and WAF-as-a-Service:   Industry leading Cloud or On-premise Web                                                                                     Application Security

Their business has grown exponentially across most of their technologies, but particularly in a couple of specific areas. In this blog series, I will summarise the key advancements that Barracuda have made and any announcements that were made at the event. The following articles in this series, will cover:

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