Barracuda Discover 18 Partner Event - CloudGen Firewalls

Another big growth area from Barracuda is their CloudGen Firewalls, not just as traditional or NextGen firewalls, but because of their SD-WAN capabilities.

Their momentum in this area has seen growth of 49% YoY with over 18,000 hardware units shipped in 2017 and many Fortune 500 Global companies as customers.

With the evolution to a Cloud Generation, this has meant the traditional large ‘datacentre’ Next Gen Firewalls are no longer fit for purpose if you are asked to manage security and connectivity in a hybrid environment, or need to extend on-premise security controls to public cloud.


The key features of their Cloud Generation Firewalls –


Barracuda CloudGen Firewalls are also being utilised to simplify, improve performance, reduce issues and reduce costs for WAN connectivity using SD-WAN. With Cloud Adoption and Distributed applications, traditional WANs simply are not architected or suited to the security requirements.

SD-WAN – the ‘Secret Sauce’

Barracuda’s SD-WAN technology removes the needs for expensive, complex and not suitable MPLS connectivity and provides the following features –

  • Transparently share VPN Tunnel access across multiple Physical Uplinks
  • Measure Uplink quality and transparently select the best uplink
  • Optimise Application traffic, in VPN as well as direct to Internet
  • Seamless ‘Once-Only’ central management (inc Routing, App Prioritization)
  • No Roll-out headache

An example (Case Study) of where this technology has been used

Industry:Transport and logistics
Locations:72 offices in 17 countries
Technology: High quality uplink is augmented with one or multiple broadband internet lines at all remote locations
Skype Business and Citrix required to be available anytime, anywhere
In case one line goes black/brown the critical traffic is shifted to alternate links automatically and without sessions logs

The savings versus a traditional WAN MPLS solutions can be huge. Computerworld can quickly show you these savings through the ‘Barracuda CloudGen Firewall Savings Calculator’.

Simply provide us with your bandwidth and monthly costs to receive the savings report. This will include a monthly cost comparison and ROI analysis.

Barracuda WAF and WAF-as-a-Service:

Web App threats are now becoming one of the top emerging threat factors. One of the reasons for this is as the result of Web Apps growing exponentially. Typically, in 2010 a company would have 5 Web apps, where as in 2018 the average is 54!

Some further stats to emphasise the threat –

  • 80% of vulnerabilities are web-based
  • 99M Bots actively scraping websites in search of data
  • 1M+ malicious ad impressions in 2017
  • 300 days that vulnerabilities go unfixed on average

Why is this happening?


Barracuda’s WAF (Web Application Firewall) has become a market leader, proven by being Microsoft’s preferred and go to WAF for Azure. Hence why Barracuda are Microsoft’s Security Partner of the year.

Some of the key features of their solution include –

  • Fully featured REST API which supports automation
  • Built-in application acceleration and access control
  • Granular reports and pre-built templates
  • Automated vulnerability scanning and remediation
  • Centralised Management
  • Cost Effective

Barracuda believe the competition in this marketplace let themselves down because of the following–

  • Very little control
  • Subpar app security
  • No custom rules
  • Expensive Enterprise Plan

What’s New!

Barracuda have launched their new WAF-as-a-Service, which is designed to ensure data and applications are protected, allow you to maintain productivity and reputation and offer value by removing the burden of managing application security.

Some of their Core Differentiators

  • Unmetered DDoS protection is included
  • Automated vulnerability discovery and remediation
  • Complete control with unlimited custom rulesets
  • Enterprise Security with SMB pricing
  • Ensures security and compliance for every web app hosted no matter where hosted
  • Purpose built for public cloud deployments
  • The most deployed application security solution in public cloud

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