Barracuda Discover 18 Partner Event - Email Security

With the rapid adoption of Office 365, as well as need for compliance, data protection and an increase in security attacks, Barracuda have seen their number of customers on their Essential Platform increase to over 19,000, with an 81% increase in YoY billings.

Whether you have email held in O365, Exchange or GSuite, their Next Generation Email Protection Platform offers

Employee Defence:       with Phishing Simulation and Training

API Inbox Defence:        AI for Social Engineering

Resiliency:                      Cloud Backup and Continuity

Gateway Defence:         Inbound / Outbound Security, Compliance and e-discovery Archiving,                                           Brand Misuse Prevention (DMARC)

There have been a couple of recent acquisitions including PhishLine and Sentinel to bolster the Essentials product line and emphasise that Barracuda really have the complete solution for Email protection. They will shortly have a SKU available which includes PhishLine, Sentinel and Essentials Complete all for one monthly or annual price.

Barracuda PhishLine – the Human Firewall!

With the employee still being pointed at as the root cause of the majority of breaches from successful phishing campaigns, then empowering the user (human) to be part of the solution to help strengthen defences is key.

PhishLine from Barracuda provides a solution to train employees in understanding the latest attack techniques, recognize subtle clues, and help stop fraud, data loss and brand damage.


Why Barracuda Sentinel?

All security providers say they have ‘AI’, however the difference with Sentinel is its API Architecture. Sentinel has the ability to have access to historical emails, so it’s able to learn from past communication patterns. (something the competition cannot do). It can also see internal emails which is key to training AI and to stop account takeover.

A recent test / analysis was run with a Fortune 500 customer with 13,000 employees whom were using the Microsoft O365 inbuilt security – ATP. Barracuda Sentinel was run for 1-month side by side

  • Sentinel caught 621 attacks not intercepted by ATP
  • 366 Microsoft impersonations missed by MS ATP in the 1 month!

Sentinel also found 2391 attacks not found by Mimecast when a similar trial was run for a year!

The use of Sentinel and AI looks like a great tool to assist with DMARC – an open standard that indicates whether messages are from who they say they are and importantly what to do if they are not! Brand Protection is also key to why businesses need to consider AI / Sentinel.

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