Today was our second and final day at IGEL DISRUPT. Today was focusing all around the industry, what challenges people are facing, what technology they are seeing enter the market and ultimately what technology they think will be leading and interesting in 2019.

I was extremely lucky to be invited onto the stage to join the EUC Disruptors panel to discuss the industry and what I am seeing in technology. I was honoured to be on the panel alongside some incredibly influential experts, Thomas Popplegaard, Ruben Spruijt , Simon Binder and Simon Townsend.

After lunch, we had the closing session of the event where Eva Helen presented around the fact that we need more women in technology, a subject that I find incredibly important. However, Eva pitched this in a way that I have never heard before and she actually pitched to the men, to encourage them to be the mentors for women in the industry, to help them rise in their career, and I personally felt it was an incredibly powerful message.

Overall, the last few days have been amazing for myself and Barry, it was an incredible conference with a fantastic community. If you want to hear more of mine and Barry’s thoughts about the conference, check out the video below.