VMworld Europe 2015 Summary & Thoughts

After a busy week, VMworld Europe has drawn to a close, the ComputerWorld team were busy in Barcelona, attending sessions, talking to partners, eating tapas and drinking too much sangria! 

Dell / EMC Merger

This week has been interesting for many reasons, firstly the news breaking on Monday that Dell will be acquiring EMC and ultimately become the major share holder in VMware. VMware did a good job of managing this during the day one keynote to ensure it didn't overshadow the whole event too much. Michael Dell spoke to the VMworld audience via a pre-recorded video discussing the acquisition and how it would still mean business as usual for VMware as an important part of the group of companies. 

The Dell, EMC acquisition is going to change the landscape of the IT infrastructure world forever, it will be interesting to see it play out over the next 12 months until completion. Check out our article here for more information >> http://www.definetomorrow.co.uk/blog/2015/10/12/dell-to-acquire-emc

One Cloud, Any App, Any Device

The leading message at VMworld this year was One Cloud, Any App, Any Device, bringing together the critical elements of VMware's stack from infrastructure through to end user computing often referred to as business mobility. 

One Cloud

VMware were getting mocked on social media regarding this element after it was used as the tag line in VMworld US, some believed that VMware's policy of one cloud meant that their vision was only for their own cloud and not other public cloud providers. This wasn't my understanding and I believed VMware were talking about a vision of bringing together all forms of cloud into a integrated management and operation tools. At VMworld in Barcelona we have seen this start to come to fruition with vRealize Automation Center 7.0 being released with support for Amazon AWS, Openstack and many more as well as other updates, We also heard from the NSX team who discussed there plans to be able to offer NSX on Amazon AWS.

Any App

The way applications are being developed for the cloud native world is shifting to containers, we have seen container adoption serge with Microsoft planning support for Linux Containers and VMware demonstrating the same at VMworld in San Francisco earlier this year. VMware are developing two ways to be able to integrate containers, the first being vSphere Integrated Containers allowing you to be able to deploy and manage container applications from inside vSphere, the second being a dedicated platform for containers based upon core elements only from vSphere called the Photon Platform. 

Kit Colbert, CTO, Cloud-Native Applications at VMware, describes the significance of the two announcements made at VMworld 2015: VMware vSphere Integrated Containers and VMware Photon Platform.

Any Device

This is the element as some of you know that I love, in the modern age users have high expectations for their ability to use IT with ease and simplicity. With most home users now turning to tablets and familiar with apps that are quick and easy to install from an app store it has left enterprise IT look archaic.  It is quite often that your average IT users will be carrying one, two or more personal devices with them, but due to IT security restrictions are unable to use them and resulting in work still only being able to be done when back in the office in front of your PC. 

To be able to address this and deliver business mobility we have two very differing sides that need to come together for this to work in the enterprise, we need simplicity for the users but security for the enterprise to ensure applications are protected.  

VMware have been working on this vision for some time with a raft of acquisitions in the last year alone.

Due to this focus from VMware and some smart acquisitions VMware are now seen as the leaders for business mobility. 

For me I was really pleased to start seeing AirWatch becoming a more strategic part of the workspace suite, as we move forward mobile devices and mobility will take a bigger focus within our businesses and having a way to secure, manage and deliver content and applications to devices. I spent a lot of my time understanding AirWatch to a better degree ecspecially the use cases for Secure Content locker which I look forward to examing further in the future.

Solutions Exchange

The solutions exchange is the show floor at VMworld with many tens of vendors there to present there wares, this year it was as packed as ever with the big names in IT being key sponsors for the event. As usual the mass of the larger vendors were made up with storage vendors such as EMC, NetApp Dell and more. There was an increased number of cloud management and automation vendors also in the hall as more of us consider a move to the cloud or a cloud centric model.

Catch up on our other VMworld Content

Whilst we were at VMworld we were live blogging, doodling and recording interviews with some of the vendors, all the information can be found on this blog or by view the VMworld 2015 tag. 

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My day 2 #vmworld doodles

Below are my doodles taken at VMworld 2015 in Barcelona - Day 2


#VMworld Europe Day 2. EUC keynote with Sanjay Poonen.

#VMworld Europe Day 2. EUC keynote with Sanjay Poonen.

#VMworld Europe Day 2. Keyynote with Pat Gelsinger and Cloud Native Apps. 

#VMworld Europe Day 2. Keyynote with Pat Gelsinger and Cloud Native Apps. 

I was lucky enough to attend the VMUG leader lunch with an exclusive Q&A with Pat Gelsinger

I was lucky enough to attend the VMUG leader lunch with an exclusive Q&A with Pat Gelsinger

#VMware CTO Panel session. 

#VMware CTO Panel session. 

Imation Interview Recorded Live at VMworld Europe 2015

Barry speaks to Imation systems engineer Ross Copper-Smith live on the show floor at VMworld Europe 2015, understand who Imation are, what products do they offer and what is Ross's top tip for IT Managers and Engineers that are looking to Define Tomorrow for their business.

Tintri Interview Recorded Live at VMworld Europe 2015

Barry catches up with Chuck Dubuque to learn more about Tintri storage, what makes there platform unique and gets his tip for the future for those of us that are looking to Define Tomorrow

XIO Interview Recorded Live at VMworld Europe 2015


Recorded live on the show floor at VMworld 2015 in Barcelona, Barry Coombs interviews in Gavin McLaughlin and learns about X-IO Technologies, who are they, what do they do and how could they help you. Gavin also shares his tip for the future for those looking to Define Tomorrow.

CommVault Interview Recorded Live with Robbie Wright of Commvault at VMworld 2015

Barry speaks to Robbie Wright of Commvault live on the show floor at VMworld 2015, Robbie speaks about the importance of remembering data protection as you move to the cloud. Robbie also gives his tip for IT managers looking to the future and wanting to Define Tomorrow for their business

StorMagic Interview Recorded Live at VMworld Europe 2015

Barry Coombs speaks to Hans O'Sullivan CEO of StorMagic live on the show floor at VMworld Europe 2015. StorMagic are a Software Defined storage provider who specialise in the remote office and branch office space as well as providing robust storage solutions to small businesses. Han's shares his tip for the future as we look forward and Define Tomorrow

VMworld Europe PEX and Dell EMC Acquisition VLOG

A short VLOG by Barry Coombs recorded after day one of VMworld Barcelona PEX (Partner Exchange) he reflects on what turned out to be a massive day for the IT industry with Dell's announcement of the acquisition of EMC. Barry will be recording more videos from the solutions exchange tomorrow, learning about some of those exhibiting and asking the question of the vendors, how do they Define Tomorrow?

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We are looking forward to seeing you all out in Barcelona, let's hope for some sun but it looks like we may get some rain so bring a lightweight coat!  



My Focus for VMworld Barcelona 2015

By Anthony Charman

This year will be my third visit to VMworld in Barcelona and I am determined to make the most of it. Experience has shown that, in order to achieve this it is important to set some objectives, otherwise you get sucked into the confusion of the conference, churned around like an odd sock in a washing machine and then spat out to dry days later on the warm paving slabs of the conference centre plaza.  

The key pre-conference messaging from VMware seem to be that ‘Applications’ should be the focus of the CIO as these are the key way in which organisations can gain competitive advantage. VMware don’t write end user applications so why are they doing this? The reason is that VMware are positioning themselves as the organisation that offer the most stable, resilient, agile and scalable infrastructure to deliver applications to end users wherever they are and whatever device they are using. One aspect of VMware I have always admired is their ability to integrate the technologies they acquire, deep into their existing product portfolio. In 2014 VMware acquired Immidio and Airwatch. These products are now fully integrated into Horizon Suite enabling comprehensive profile management (VMware User Environment Manager) and secure application delivery to any platform (VMware Identity Manager). These are the product, along with VMware’s NSX network virtualisation solution, that we will be hearing more and more about this year.

So, before I get distracted by the latest and greatest from VMware let’s look at my objectives for VMworld 2015. One of the consequences of virtualising the Server and Desktop environments of my clients is that it opens up the options for disaster recovery (DR) considerably. In the days of physical server and desktops, most client's DR plans involved firstly having a good backup (usually not tested) and secondly being able to lay their hands on some suitable hardware if a disaster happened. Virtualisation opens up a whole raft of potential options. These include the use of VMware’s products like vSphere Replication, Site Recovery Manager and the vCloud Air cloud based solutions but also there are a large number of third party solutions within the VMware eco-sphere including Veeam, Zerto and the use of not VMware datacentres such as iland. My objective at VMWorld 2015 is to explore these and other options available to establish how they can be used to build cost effective DR solutions for businesses of all sizes.

I will attempt you let you know my findings on a daily basis but don’t be surprised if I get distracted by the copious amounts of technology, food and drink provided during VMworld 2015