We were extremely lucky at our event this year with the exceptionally high calibre and range of speakers we had to deliver our presentations. This event brings IT professionals within Bristol and surrounding areas content from industry expert around the subjects withing IT that matter to businesses and will help them be more productive, focused and competitive. Below you will find the recording of each presentation and a copy of the slide deck to download (pdf format). 


Keynote Presentation - Simon Wardley, Leading Edge Forum
Security Presentation – Steven Peake, Barracuda
Data Centre and Hybrid Cloud Presentation - Mark Mulvany, Dell EMC
Workspace Transformation Presentation - Spencer Pitts, VMware
Closing Keynote Presentation - Joe Baguley

Click the presenter below to watch their presentation

Steven Peake, Barracuda, Sales Engineer

Security Presentation

Simon Wardley, Researcher for Leading Edge Forum

Keynote Presentation - Strategy Mapping

Mark Mulvany, DellEMC Hybrid Cloud Lead

Data centre and Hybrid Cloud Presentation

Spencer Pitts, VMware Digital Workspace CTO

Workspace Transformation Presentation


Joe Baguley, VMware CTO and VP EMEA

VMware Strategy Update