Megan is the Marketing Executive at ComputerWorld focusing on technical marketing and particularly enjoys blogging about cyber security and desktop transformation.

Megan's responsibilities at ComputerWorld range from organising events for up to 200 attendees, delivering technical presentations and working with ComputerWorld partners to understand what's new with their technology and what it means for our customers. Megan blogs here at and regularly summarise the past week or months top tech news (BizTech Brief).

Since joining the industry in 2015, Megan has enjoyed sharing what she learns about technology with others in the community. Megan was awarded VMware's vExpert award for her contributions to the VMware Community in 2017. Megan also likes to get involved with the community on twitter @BizTechMeg.

Outside of work, Megan is currently working towards a Diploma in Digital Marketing. 

Megan's Blog Posts