Rubrik, Bitdefender & Zerto - 20th May 2018

Our Define Tomorrow Huddle events are aimed to bring the power and energy behind blogger briefings, taking place all over the world, usually reserved for select groups of industry recognised bloggers, back to the South West of the UK into a small group of UK-based IT specialists working both within ComputerWorld's own technical teams but also alongside a select group of technical professionals.

Our first Define Tomorrow Huddle was held at the Bristol Areospace Museum, the home of a variety of exhibits as well as the Concorde. We were joined by three of our key partners; Rubrik, Bitdefender and Zerto who all gave the attendees an update and overview of the capabilities of their products. 

Watch the presentations

To watch the presentations from the day, click the buttons below. 

Hear what the attendees said

An Introduction to Bitdefender and GravityZone - Adam Gleeson

Define Tomorrow Huddle Overview - Gareth Lewis

DTH1 Doodles - Barry Coombs

Invitations to the huddle events are limited but if you are interested in a future huddle and you either work for an end user or are an independent blogger please get in touch!