A special thank you from all the team at ComputerWorld for attending our VMware Update 2016 event. We hope you enjoyed the event and were able to take away some key information to further help you Define Tomorrow for your business.

On this page you will find the presentation recordings, slide decks and links to all our follow up workshops and webinars

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Infrastructure Modernisation keynote - Joe Baguley, VMware CTO

At our recent Define Tomorrow event in Bristol, Joe Baguley, VMware CTO delivered a visionary presentation covering a wide range of subjects including IoT, Cloud, Edge Computing, Containers, AI and much more. 

The Software Defined Data Centre - Barry Coombs, ComputerWorld Director

Barry Coombs, presented the Software Defined Data Centre (SDDC) and the components that encompass this; Compute, storage, network and management. Barry spoke about the technologies with the SDDC including vSAN, VxRail, VMware Cloud foundation and vSphere 6.5.

VMware NSX, Software Defined Network & Security Virtualisation - Josh Coulling, VMware NSX Specialist SE

Josh presented VMware's Software Defined Networking solution, NSX. Josh covered the three initiatives of NSX, Security, automation and app continuity and what the future of NSX looks like.

Social Engineering: Manipulation for Information - Jamie Woodruff, UK's Number 1 Ethical Hacker

Jamie Woodruff, Europe's number 1 ethical hacker delivered a thought-provoking security keynote using his experience as an ethical hacker to prove how vulnerable and naive businesses still are when it comes to security.

Workspace of 2020: A CTO's Perspective - Ruben Spruijt, Frame CTO

Ruben Spruijt presented his motivating presentation about the workspace of 2020-2025 and what businesses should be doing now to prepare for this.

Building the workspace of 2020 - Barry Coombs

Following Ruben Spruijt's presentation that outlined what the workspace of 2020 will look like, Barry Coombs discussed which technologies, including Onedrive, Workspace ONE are going to help customers get to this workspace and ensure their business and users are flexible.

Digital Transformation: For Real! - Peter Barnes, Dell EMC VP

Peter Barnes, Dell EMC VP presented a jam-packed whiteboard about where the industry is and how Dell Technologies is helping transform business and services.

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VMware NSX Experience Day - 2nd November 9.00am-1.00pm


Our datacentre's have changed vastly over the last 5-10 years, but how has your network changed? With a vast number of your servers now virtualised and an increased risk of cyber-attack, we have to modify our networks to be more secure and more flexible.

Join specialists from VMware and ComputerWorld as we introduce VMware NSX, look deep into the technology and use case and let you get a first hand experience with hands on labs.

The agenda will cover: 

  • NSX Architecture and Components
  • Data Center Security Design
  • Overview of NSX Distributed and Edge Firewalls
  • Configuring NSX Firewall Rules
  • Service Composer and Enabling Security Automation
  • Security Monitoring and Visibility


Workshop Transformation Workshop - 14th November 9.00am-1.00pm

Workspace Transformation.png

Mobile and cloud technology is changing the face of the desktop forever, providing users with the ability to be truly flexible and collaborate in new ways. However the corporate desktop is not keeping up with the rate of change, due to security risks and technical complexities. 

Join ComputerWorld and VMware for this interactive workshop as they present their vision of the digital workspace for the future, incorporating solutions that allow you to take a staged journey to secure and mobilised corporate applications and data. 

The agenda will include:

  • Learning how to deliver a compliant secure mobile desktop with VMware AirWatch and Windows 10
  • Understanding how identity is the new perimeter security and learning how you can have the confidence in controlling users’ access from one location with VMware Workspace ONE
  • Seeing how you can truly mobilise any application, on any device, with VMware Horizon VDI Desktops and Applications
  • Hearing how you can make your Microsoft Office 365 deployment truly successful in your organisation 
  • Hands on demo's 

Refreshing your datacentre with SDDC - 30th November 9.00am-1.00pm


Every business wants to maximise its investments, prolonging the time between large capital expenditures. While this strategy may work in many cases, did you know that it may actually harm your business when applied to a data centre refresh?

With IT infrastructure now so critical to a business on many levels, an outdated data centre can hamper efficiency and productivity, handing your competitors an advantage. Examining your existing infrastructure to see if it meets current and future business requirements is critical, and companies need to be prepared to invest in their data centres to stay competitive. Refreshing your data centre may be an expensive job, but it’s a business-critical one.

We will discuss key considerations such as the options to consider around the cloud, understanding how to specify your true needs by analysing performance, investigate new technology for you to consider including hyper-converged technology and how to ensure your new design meets design standards for data protection and DR

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Four security products to help your business in one hour - 31st October 2pm

office 365 webinar.png

With increased risk from cyber-attack and impending GDPR legislation it is important that you have the correct arsenal of tools to help your business stay safe. In this short smack-down webinar ComputerWorld specialists will demonstrate four key technologies that they recommend you consider as part of your security arsenal.

These will cover, Microsoft and Third-party patching, audit and change control, user education and Anti-virus.


Address GDPR requirements with Netwrix Auditor - 23rd November 2pm

GDP with NEtwrix v4.png

Join our new webcast, which is all about the GDPR and practical tips on how Netwrix Auditor can help you address its requirements.

The EU General Data Protection Regulation is coming, and it’s closer than you think. Are you worried that your organization’s IT security is not strong enough? Don’t know where to start or how to comply with requirements of this standard? We will demystify the GDPR and tell you everything you need to know about its most essential paragraphs.

During the session you will learn:

  • What the GDPR is about,
  • The GDPR requirements we can assist you with,
  • How to address the GDPR provisions with Netwrix Auditor.

Office 365: Past, Present and Future

Join our Microsoft Specialist, Oli Restorick and Operations Director, Barry Coombs for this hour long webinar where they will discuss all things Office 365.

office 365 webinar.png
  • The topics discussed on this webinar will include:
  • Brief discussion of the past, Exchange-led Office 365, etc.
  • Windows autopilot demo - enrolment of a shop-bought PC into MDM, changing Windows SKU and installing software.
  • Lead on to discussing how modern management of PCs differs from the past by managing PCs using MDM-style management.
  • Changes announced at Ignite: barriers to hybrid Exchange are being eased, ability to remove your last Exchange server, new authentication options (seamless SSO), Microsoft 365 SKU (Office, Windows, EMS in one per-user license).
  • Future of SfB and Teams (two iterations then change the name, Skype is communications, Teams is collaboration).
  • Ability of older Office versions to connect to O365 services in future.
  • EMS features -- SSO to SaaS apps (demo), conditional access (demo), etc