An Introduction to 10ZiG Technology


Written by Tom Dodds, Marketing Executive at 10ZiG Technology. 

Who are we?

10ZiG Technology is solely focused in the development of Thin and Zero Clients, with a primary focus in the desktop virtualisation (VDI) marketspace.

We are headquartered in the USA - Phoenix, AZ with offices in the UK and Australia.

Partner affiliations include VMware, Citrix, Microsoft, Teradici and IBM.

We are long standing Citrix and VMware Ready Partners and Premium Sponsors of VMUG’s and CUG’s worldwide.


10ZiG – The Story Behind the Name

On the 29th May 1953, Sir Edmund Hillary summited Mount Everest with the help of a local Nepalese Sherpa called Tenzing Norgay. The Sherpa made his client’s vision a reality by supporting him throughout the journey and sharing his wealth of expertise and local knowledge.  The trailblazing Sherpa is the inspiration behind our rebrand from BOSaNOVA to 10ZiG Technology and we have been trading under this name since 2009.

Like Tenzing, 10ZiG Technology not only champion being the first and being innovative, but we also place much of our emphasis and importance on support.  This support begins during the initial POC stages, through to production rollout and the support of those units throughout their lifecycle. We see ourselves as your guide in your VDI project and aim to take you to ‘The Peak of Thin & Zero Clients’.  

Our History

10ZiG’s background has been pivotal in shaping the elite product and service we provide our customers with today. This short step back into history is important to explain why.

In 2003, 10ZiG were trading under the name of BOSaNOVA and were providing terminal emulation software and hardware for IBM iSeries. The image below not only illustrates the evolution of Desktop Computing, but also that of 10ZiG. 

We have now reached a stage where the limitations of SBC and early VDI adoption have been overcome to bring us full circle and offer the best of both worlds. Today’s technology now matches the performance of Personal Computing with the availability of super-fast storage, server grade hardware for centralised management, and the desktop equivalent processing power of Zero Clients;  Zero Clients which are now able to decode/redirect the various types of multimedia/3D level applications.

10ZiG understand the market and technology completely and have spent over twelve years qualifying our customer’s challenges and their changing requirements for VDI. We have invested this knowledge in a constant development and fine tuning of our Thin Client operating systems from the perspective of both the end user and administrators managing the endpoints. 

Mission Statement

“We offer customer driven solutions making our devices fit your environment and not the other way round.”

Martin Pladgeman, CEO - 10ZiG Technology

This separates us from the competition and is a challenge we regularly see from end users involved in proof of concepts. Examples of this include the ongoing development of our log-in experience, the selection and use of USB peripherals and enablement of configuration within 10ZiG Manager. 

Why 10ZiG?

  • Top rated ‘10ZiG Manager’ enterprise utility tool
  • FREE 30-day demo policy
  • FREE image customisation
  • Highly trained R&D & Technical Team

Our Products

10ZiG devices are developed to provide the best performance possible by supporting the full feature sets of acceleration protocols such as HDX, HDX 3D Pro, PCoIP and RDP 8.1.

Our devices cater for all use cases, whether your workforce are Task Based Workers, Knowledge Workers or Power Workers requiring support for Flash, HDX Multimedia, 3D, CAD, NVIDIA and Citrix HDX 3D Pro. We offer traditional dual screen Thin and Zero Clients as standard, including the widest range of TERA2-based PCoIP devices on the market. We also cater for Quad Screen, All-in-One, and medical-specific use cases.


10ZiG devices come with a variety of OS options, including NOS (Zero), PEAKos (Linux), Windows Embedded 7 (WES7) and Windows Embedded 8 (WE8).

Our Thin and Zero Clients are complete with components that simplify implementation, improve management and visibility of devices and enhance the user experience. To further this commitment, all 10ZiG devices are accompanied by the 100% free enterprise class 10ZiG Manager Utility, enabling centralised configuration, maintenance and control of all 10ZiG Software Zero, Linux and Windows devices.

To trial our Thin & Zero Clients or to request more information, don’t hesitate to contact Computerworld today