Windows 10 and Patch Delivery

With changes in Windows 10’s patching options introduced in the Windows 10 1607 (“Anniversary”) release, Microsoft has published a concise summary of the patching options and how they affect different editions of Windows 10, for those without SCCM or third-party patching technologies such as Shavlik.

Microsoft has also announced changes to the servicing model for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, by introducing monthly rollups instead of individual packages from October 2016. This will result in us having fewer updates to manage, but each update now fixes many problems.

The following Microsoft blog post provides more details:

One of Microsoft’s challenges in producing reliable patches is the vast number of combinations of patches that can be deployed by its customers. This has a direct impact on testing and, ultimately, patch quality. While the change might not have an immediate effect on patch quality, it will make Microsoft’s testing job dramatically simpler and the end result should be a better patching experience.