Ruckus Unleashed

With the continuous growth of wireless networks across all businesses a lot of SMB companies are looking to offer a high performing wireless solution for their staff and customers, but they do not have a need or a desire to have to purchase expensive physical controllers to manage their latest access points from a central point. So what options do they have? They either purchase a very expensive physical appliance or they have all their access points set up in a standalone and have to manage them individually. Which in itself could cause an administrative nightmare with the growth of wireless devices on the network.

Ruckus Unleashed is a controller-less solution that can be setup in minutes and offers customers a low-cost and high performance wireless network. 

The controller-less solution from Ruckus Wireless can be deployed easily with no controller. You can configure a new high performance Wi-Fi network in seconds. While at the same time reduce your total cost of ownership.

Benefits include:

Forward compatible with all future Ruckus architectures
Deliver a reliable Wi-Fi experience to your customers
Enhance your customers’ experience
Drive customer engagement by deploying a high RF performance network
Leverage a wide range of guest access services such as: Captive portal, Email/SMS Guest Pass, Custom Logo, and Hotspot
ZeroIT enables easy on-boarding of multiple guests simultaneously

So what are the stats and which models support Ruckus Unleashed. Well the good news is that all the latest Wave 1 802.11ac access points support Ruckus Unleashed. You will be able to offer some of the latest and greatest wireless technology at a lot less cost due to not having to pay for a physical controller to run the access points.

Unleashed access points include R500, R600, R310, T301, T300
Any AP can be Primary/Standby – Master/Member AP
Any AP can actively serve clients
Unleashed supports up to 25 APs and 512 Clients

With regards to features the “Unleashed” solution offers all of the features you would require to be able to run a high performance wireless network in a SMB. Key features include a number of features that Ruckus are already famous for from their adaptive antenna technology and their guest onboarding portal/Dynamic Pre-shared Key (Zero IT Activation).

I personally believe this is a great all round wireless solution for any SMB that is looking to reduce costs but offer a high performing reliable wireless network for staff and customers. What is even more refreshing is that if your office or requirements grow and you need to support more AP’s or wireless devices the unleashed architecture can be migrated to one of the other controller platforms offered by Ruckus at no extra cost other than the cost of the controller platform. Be it virtual or physical on either SmartZone or the ZoneDirector software.

This product will give you all the benefits that Ruckus are well known for like their ground breaking RF technology meaning ultimately in most cases you will need less access points than other manufacturers might recommend. Plus you have all the features of their high performing ruckus controllers. A really clever product from the team at Ruckus Wireless. If you would like to learn more about the product or would like a predictive site survey carried out then please do contact Computerworld.