Store your user profile data in cloud based object storage with Liquidware!

Today Liquidware has announced the release of ProfileUnity 6.7.6, with this release they now support the ability to store user profile data on Object Storage in the cloud. With this release user information is able to be stored in AWS S3, Azure Blob storage or Google Cloud Storage. This will help businesses with the transition to desktop as a service (DaaS).

Liquidware has supported profiles being stored in the cloud for some time via SMB shares, however, they are first in the industry to support object-based storage. 

ProfileUnity Architecture.png

Object storage offers a number of benefits due to being cloud native unlike SMB, these include greater availability and business continuity as well as much cheaper costs compared to delivering SMB in the cloud. 


On top of this ProfileUnity 6.7.6 allows for user authored data (Documents) to be stored in cloud based enterprise grade storage solutions such as Dropbox, Amazon WorkDocs, OneDrive and Google Drive. 

Cloud-based Desktops-as-a-Service (DaaS) are getting a lot of attention. Even if your organization is not ready to make the leap, you can be prepared for the future. ProfileUnity v6.7.6 introduces the ability to nativley host user profiles on cloud native storage, such as Amazon S3, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure Blob.