Backup and Restore Horizon View Configuration Data

I am currently studying for the VCAP-DTM deploy accreditation and as such am going through the exam blueprint, which is a kind of a gospel for these exams.

As I come across bits that I am less familiar with or procedures that I think people might find useful I thought I would document them both as an aid to my study and to also hopefully provide some value and use to the community.

Anyhow, here is the procedure for how to backup and restore View configuration data in screen video form.

The basic steps are:

  • Backup View Config Data - vdmexport -f C:\LDAPBackup\Backup.LDF -c  (Or use existing Backup)

  • Stop View Composer Service

  • Install Connection Server

  • Stop View Connection Service

  • Decrypt Backup file - vdmimport -d -p mypassword -f C:\LDAPBackup\Backup.LDF > DecryptedBackup.LDF

  • Import Config - vdmimport -f DecryptedBackup.LDF

  • Start View Composer Service

  • Add any replica Connection Servers

If anyone is planning on taking the exam soon or has recently sat it, let me know your thoughts!