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ComputerWorld is a serious advocate for giving back to the IT community, and this was one of the main reasons why we launched the Define Tomorrow blog and events. ComputerWorld is always looking for new and exciting ways to unite and give back to the IT community, especially on our doorstep in the South West of the UK.

Define Tomorrow Huddle events are aimed to bring the power and energy behind blogger briefings, taking place all over the world, usually reserved for select groups of industry recognised bloggers, back to the South West of the UK into a small group of UK-based IT specialists working both within ComputerWorld's own technical teams but also alongside a select group of technical professionals. 

Each Huddle event will have a maximum of 3 technology sponsors and will take place at an interesting or relevant venue in the UK. Each vendor will have an hour and a half to present to the Huddle with interactivity from the attendees actively encouraged.  This is their opportunity to find out what is important to them. Each session will be filmed and shared freely for the technical community attendees, who will also be encouraged to share their thoughts freely on social media and their blogs if desired and where applicable. Sessions will include a brief background of the company, a deep dive presentation with white-boarding and demonstrations actively encouraged.  


Past Define Tomorrow Huddle's


The inaugural Huddle happened on the 20th of April 2018 thanks to our sponsors, Rubrik, Bitdefender and Zerto at the Aerospace Bristol, home to the historic last flight Concorde!

Click here to watch the recorded sessions and see the attendees blog posts

Invitations to the huddle events are limited but if you are interested in a future huddle and you either work for an end user or are an independent blogger please get in touch!

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Future Huddle's


We are currently busy planning our future Huddle events. The next Huddle will take place in July 2018 and will focus on workspace / end user computing technologies, please get in touch if you would be interested in attending.