BizTech Brief #7

Week commencing 22nd August 2016

With the summer drawing to a close, many industry events are just around the corner and have started to drop hints and announce their biggest news of the year. I have collated the biggest industry news  into one place. 

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BizTech Brief Articles

NVIDIA GRID Offers Industry's First Complete Virtual GPU Monitoring

On August 26th, NVIDIA GRID announced their latest release, delivering the industry's first GPU-driven analytics to help manage, measure and support virtualisation environments. 

 Robert Young, research director at IDC states " with technologies such as NVIDIA GRID Monitoring, IT staff can gain valuable insights regarding the performance virtualised applications to optimise and scale their VDI deployments". 

GRID Monitoring offers the most granular insight available into vGPU performance. This allows businesses to deploy virtual graphics environments faster, achieve greater cost savings and effectiveness and better demonstrate the value of the vGPU across the enterprise. 

To see what insights the GRID Monitoring includes and for more information, click here. 

Veeam's Next Big Thing

On Tuesday 23rd August 2016, Veeam announced several new products alongside updates and enhancements to their current product suite including Veeam Backup & Replication, Veeam ONE and Veeam Cloud Connect. 

The first major announcement was the Veeam Availability Platform for the Hybrid Cloud. With the era of the cloud continuing to grow, Veeam are now targeting workloads provided by either the public or private cloud. In order to support the hybrid cloud and the software-defined datacentres Veeam have announced several new products. 

Another big announcement was; Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365. One of the biggest considerations with Office 365 is 'how is your data backed up within the cloud?' Veeam Backup for Office 365 connects securely to the tenant using exchange web services API. 

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Office 365 news roundup

Microsoft have put together their biggest news from the past month in regards to Office 365 into one article, 'News Roundup'.

Microsoft are taking the cloud by storm with their Office 365 offerings and are constantly working to improve the applications and experiences for the end users. As part of the ongoing work to improve Office 365, Microsoft announce the GA of the Microsoft Excel REST API for Office 365. This means that developers can now use excel to power custom apps that extend the value of your data calculations, reporting, and dashboards.  

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University hit 21 times in past 12 months by Ransomware

University and NHS trusts in England have been hit hard by ransomware in the last year. Bournemouth University has been hit 21 times over the last twelve months and 28 NHS Trusts said they have also been affected. 

Although the attacker demanded sums up to £2,200, neither the NHS or University paid the ransom fee. According to the report neither institutions had anti-virus software in their environment. 

As cyber security is on the rise with attacks over 300% more frequent than past years, it is important for businesses and institutions to ensure their data is protected against the threat of cyber crime. 

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