Barracuda Discover 18 Partner Event - Network Security

Barracuda’s complete Security Platform orchestrates, monitors and protects across Users, Apps,Data, Sites and Devices, with more deployment options than ever.

Some interesting stats were shared around the ‘Threat Landscape’ over the past year.

  • 35% of ALL organizations were infected by ransomware
  • 94% off ALL cloud apps are not enterprise ready
  • 191 is the average length of time (in days) it takes for organizations to identify a data breach

Barracuda’s current security portfolio


The need for Barracuda partners like Computerworld whom understand security, can provide solutions that are easy to use, scale, are cloud-ready and importantly secure is highlighted by the following stat relating to company’s need for security people, and lack of such resource in the market.


Updates on Barracuda Backup

Barracuda are certainly gathering momentum in the Data Protection area. In fact, they ship more backup appliances than the next 3 competitive vendors combined number!

  • 39,000 Active Backup Appliances supplied / in place
  • 365Tb Data is sent to the Barracuda Cloud (daily)
  • 4.8M Monthly Backups
  • 40,000 archiving customers
  • 90 Billion Archived Messages
  • 215,000 Servers Protected
  • 9,500 Backup Appliance shipped in FY18 alone

Backup is proving to be a key factor for organisations when considering security, mainly because Data is the lifeblood of a business (along with the people!)

With Ransomware being the greatest threat to Data, backup is key to prevent you being one of these statistics –

  • £133,000 is the average cost of a ransomware attack
  • $2.6M dollars was spent by the City of Atlanta on emergency efforts to respond to a ransomware attack
  • £11.5B dollars of damage will be caused by ransomware by 2019

What’s new with Barracuda Backup

Barracuda have launched new Encrypted Appliances to meet regulatory compliance and secure data against physical theft.

Model 6090       12Tb Usable (6Tb Recommended Environment)

Model 8090       24Tb Usable (12Tb Recommended Environment)

Model 9090       48Tb Usable (24Tb Recommended Environment)

Model 10090     96Tb Usable (48Tb Recommended Environment)

Coming soon

Private Encryption of Offsite Data – Configure and manage user’s own encryption keys for data protected by Barracuda Backup and replicated offsite.

The platforms and replications options available have extended to Virtual Backup Appliances, AWS Cloud, Barracuda Cloud, Appliance to Appliance and Cloud to Cloud Backup.

What else is coming with Barracuda Backup ….

Backup 6.4.06 (in EA now)

  • New Linking process
  • New Mac Agent
  • VMware vSphere 6.7 Support

Backup 6.5

  • Private encryption of cloud data
  • Automated migrations of cloud config and data
  • Networking Utilities

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